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Step into a world where your body's natural rhythm is embraced. Our Seed Cycling Kits & MBody Bars ignite vitality, harmonizing your wellness with each phase of your cycle. Nourish your body, honor it's phases and embrace the vitality within.

Embody a Food First Approach!

Embark on a natural journey with our Seed Cycling Blends & MBody bars. Created with intention to support hormone balance, these blends & bars cater to the unique phases of your menstrual cycle & beyond!

As a women-owned brand, we're committed to quality

As a women-owned brand, we prioritize quality. Our products are expertly crafted in the USA, with insights from our founder who holds a Nutrition Degree. Elevate your self-care with convenient, nutrient-rich food products. Uncover the power of using food as medicine for a holistic path to well-being.

Naturopathic Doctor Recommended

Dr. Samantha Ess

Fertility & Hormone Balance ND


Scottsdale, AZ

Dr. Shannon Curtis

ND & Holistic Acne Expert


Boulder, CO

For every life stage l Gluten, soy & dairy free l Targeted nutrients for your cycle l organic whole foods l Nutritionist formulated l Paleo l Easy to consume

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