Unveiling Manski's Wellness Journey

A Story of Empowerment and Holistic Health

Manski’s wellness draws inspiration from my maiden last name, Kormanski, a name deeply intertwined with our company’s philosophy of “food is healthcare.” At the core of this journey is a personal experience that shaped my perspective.

At the age of 13, my father's untimely passing from a blood clot, just weeks after seemingly normal lab results, was a pivotal moment. This event underscored the importance of taking charge of our health, being our own advocates, and not solely relying on the healthcare system.

This profound shift in viewpoint became more evident as I faced my own health challenges—dealing with anxiety, hormonal imbalances causing acne, an absent period, and severe menstrual pain. Frustratingly, conventional diagnostics often painted a misleading picture.
- Absence of a period for over 8 months, yet labs deemed "normal."

- Battle with acne dismissed as unrelated to diet.

- Debilitating period pain met with the pill as the sole solution.

- Voicing concerns to my gynecologist met with dismissal, labeled as "all in my head."
From these experiences emerged Manski’s Wellness, born out of a sense of purpose and responsibility to guide individuals toward preventative medicine through holistic, food-first approaches. We firmly believe that the best medicine is what you feed your body and mind daily. By becoming our own health advocates, we empower ourselves to heal and live our best lives. Join us on this transformative journey as we prioritize nourishing health and embracing the power of self-advocacy.