Is there a best time to eat the seeds?

Whenever you are most likely to remember taking it! Adding it onto the foods you already eat everyday like yogurt, salads, wraps, oatmeal, and desserts can be an easy way to get them in.

Are the MBody bars vegan?

No, the bars contain grass fed collagen which is derived from an animal. The MBody bars contain no added sugars and are dairy free, gluten free and soy free.

What if I forget a day?

Double the serving size the next day!

Do I have to wait until I get my period to start seed cycling?

Nope! You can start whenever as long as you remember when you started. There are start dates on the back of each bag which makes it easy to remember (: It is recommended though for simplicity to start either on ovulation (day 15ish) or on your period (day 1) because these are when the two different blends start!

Can men use the seeds? Is it helpful for their fertility?

No need for men to “cycle” the seeds. However, the nutrients in the seeds have a ton of benefits for men’s bodies! Pumpkin seeds help with men’s fertility, preventing prostate problems, improving sperm quality & building/repairing muscle. The lignans in flax can help reduce cholesterol. Sesame & sunflower both can improve sperm count and motility which helps with infertility.

Can I seed cycle while pregnant or breastfeeding?

The blends are very safe as they are just seeds…nothing else is added. This can be helpful for the baby’s growth because of the high level of nutrients. However, to make you feel more comfortable, talking to your doctor may be helpful! You can go by the moon cycle by taking GLOW on the new moon and RADIANT on the full moon (or a tbsp of each blend for the variety of benefits!).

How long does the bundle last?

The bundle lasts for 28 days (an average menstrual cycle). However, women with longer cycles (over 30 days) can still seed cycle just by using a slightly lower dose. Each bag has 14 servings.

How long does it take for me to see results?

Most people will see changes within 1-3 months. However, we recommend to seed cycle for at least 3 months as this is how long it takes for an egg to mature. We have an e-journal you can use to track your symptoms so you can identify the shifts that are happening over the months.

Why are the seeds ground?

Whole seeds do not digest properly which means you aren’t getting all the benefits from the nutrients. Grinding them prior to consumption helps make sure the nutrients will be absorbed properly so you can get the benefits!

How should I store my seeds?

Refrigerating after opening can be helpful in keeping them fresh.

Can seed cycling help with fertility?

Seed cycling is a common remedy recommended by Naturopathic Doctors and Functional Medicine Doctors to support fertility naturally especially women with low progesterone levels. Seed cycling also supports ovulation which is an important event for trying to have kids.

How do I seed cycle is my cycle is regular or I don’t get a period?

You can use the moon cycle which is also a 28 day cycle. Moon phase is a free app you can download if you don't know when the new moon or full moon occurs. On the new moon,  you take flax & pumpkin (Glow). On the full moon, you take sesame & sunflower (Radiant).

Can I seed cycle on birth control?

Yes you can! Your body functions differently on hormonal birth control. This means you don’t have natural hormonal fluctuations because hormonal birth control suppresses them. However, the seeds can still benefit you as they are super high in nutrients. Seed cycling is a great natural hormone support supplement to use when transitioning off hormonal birth control like the pill, shot or IUD.

What if I am perimenopausal or in menopause?

Seed cycling is for women in all walks of life. Due to estrogen and progesterone falling closer to menopause, seed cycling helps provide extra support through real food to help ease the hormonal symptoms associated with it. It is a common food as medicine practice recommended by naturopathic doctors to help support your hormones on this transition to menopause.

Does seed cycling help with PCOS, PMDD, PMS & Endometriosis?

Seed cycling has been shown to help lessen period pain, cramping, breast tenderness, back pain, headaches and also mood swings. While other women have reported more regular cycles and finally achieved a LH spike!  We hope to get the funding one day to conduct our very own clinical study to validate our results(: If you have PCOS, I recommend checking out this study.