Cycle Syncing Ebook


Embody a food first approach one bar at a time! We joyfully bridge the gap between food and supplements by creating a protein bar that is higher in minerals using just real food. Each bar is loaded with superfoods that have shown to be research backed to help support your cycle, hormones & beyond! Take a look at our ingredients below to be amazed.

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Did you know your cycle consists of four different phases? This ebook contains information on what happens in each phase of your cycle, what the different nutrient needs are, how to know when you ovulate and much more! Did I mention it comes with 4 phase friendly grocery lists?

Who this ebook is for:

  1. If you are confused about your cycle

  2. If you started seed cycling

  3. If you aren’t sure when you ovulate

  4. Looking for natural fertility support

  5. Came off birth control or is going to in near future

  6. Trying to regulate cycle

  7. Natural Support for PCOS & Endometriosis

  8. Trying to banish unwanted PMS or other hormonal symptoms

  9. If you want to support your hormone health for longevity, disease prevention, overall wellbeing, etc

Purchase the e-journal along with it so you can track your symptoms, BBT, nutrition, exercise and much more so you can be more aware of what phase you are in!