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Luteal Phase Taco Stuffed Sweet Potatoes

These taco stuffed sweet potatoes are perfect for your luteal phase and are very easy and versatile. These stuffed sweet potatoes can help produce progesterone, keep cravings at bay, help you sleep and keep your mood stable. Dairy free and gluten free.

Your luteal phase is the phase after you ovulate and before you start your period. This is about 2 weeks long and your progesterone is rising. Progesterone helps you get adequate sleep and keeps you cheerful and calm. Not producing enough progesterone shows up in insomnia, depression, anxiety and anger during this phase.

Sweet potatoes are high in Vitamin A but are also high in progesterone loving vitamins like B vitamins and Vitamin C. Yogurt is a gut friendly food which is always helpful when trying to balance hormones and trying to achieve better health. Ground turkey & ground chicken are a great lean protein source that are high in B6. This B vitamin is especially important to consume in your luteal phase to make sure progesterone is being produced efficiently. You can also swap this out for beans if vegan!

Avocado or guacamole is a great fat which helps keep you fuller longer. Because your metabolism is faster in your luteal phase, you want to increase your calories to 100-300 more. This could be through an extra snack or adding something small to your meals like two more oz of meat, another egg or more avocado. This also helps prevent any of those pre-period cravings most women get!

Ready to make this taco stuffed sweet potato? Read about how to make it below!


Taco Stuffed Sweet Potato


Serving Size: 1 taco stuffed sweet potato


3-4 oz of cooked ground turkey or chicken (can swap for beans)

1/4 cup cashew plain yogurt

2 tbsps salsa

1/4 cup guacamole or 1/2 avocado

1 large baked sweet potato

2 tbsps RADIANT Seeds (sunflower & sesame)


  1. Add ingredients onto the sweet potato and store in fridge for 4-5 days.

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