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Why Real Food is More Effective Than Supplements

Supplements have been all the rage the last decade and have been so helpful for women hitting fitness and health goals. However, are they starting to replace real food? In what ways can pills be less effective than real food?

Reasons why real food trumps supplements:

Nutrients rely on other nutrients. For example, fat soluble vitamins A, D, E & K need fat to be absorbed. Without it, most are not absorbed. Folate and B12 are also closely related. When supplements have high doses of a certain vitamin or mineral, this can cause an imbalance in another. Eating a variety of whole foods works best! Ever wonder why multivitamins require you to eat food with it? It’s because you need nutrients that come from food to help absorb the synthetic vitamins and minerals.

FDA Regulated. Supplements don’t need to go through rigorous scientific testing (although many do!) and anything can be written on the label. For example, if a label says there is “X” amount of protein, it could be a lot less.

Real Fiber. Many supplements boast that they have “10 grams of fiber” yet the fiber isn’t from a whole food source. This can contribute to more gassiness and bloating when compared to a true full feeling when it comes from real food like seeds, nuts, veggies or fruit.

Seed cycling is a food as medicine remedy that helps naturally support hormones.

Below are two reasons why seed cycling is better than synthetic pills/supplements 👇🏼

Helps you with forming healthy eating habits & eating better overall. Adding two tbsps of seeds on your food over taking a pill everyday will progress you A LOT more in your hormone health journey because it’s giving you a food based routine. For most customers (especially if they seed cycle in the morning), it helps them eat better throughout the day due to them already doing something positive for their health. Similar to going to the gym in the AM!

Real food, no BS additives. Each bag contains just two simple, organic & raw ingredients (SEEDS!) and none of the additives like preservatives, fillers, binding agents and dyes that can give you side effects & health concerns.

Seed cycling gets back what our bodies were designed to do…absorb nutrients from FOOD. We even freshly grind them so the nutrients are absorbable in your body.

Disclaimer: Everyone’s bodies are different with different needs regarding supplementation. Always contact your doctor for advice regarding seed cycling and supplements!

Comment down below your thoughts on why you choose to supplement or not to supplement!!💭👇🏼

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